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Fight Club




drama, thriller

Fight Club

Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, a graduate student at the University of Oregon, set in the not distant future and about a confused young man, he has a good job at a famous car company, narrating the movie in Fight Club, which is based on the movie. His uniform life has become unbearable with the problem of chronic insomnia. The narrator, who does not have a family or a close friend, joins a therapy group of patients with cancer on the recommendation of his doctor. During these meetings, he meets Marla; she attends the group's meetings even though she is not sick like the young man. Narrator's and Marla's efforts are a stance against the meaninglessness of consumer culture, almost a reaction of people who have careers but are lonely. The Narrator's generation is a dead generation. It is almost a proof of this that when he sees his house burned down after a trip, the only person he can call is Tyler, a soap salesman he met during the trip. After drinking a few beers in the parking lot, Tyler will provoke our hero to shoot himself. This fight that started between them will change the Narrator's life. Dec. After a while, the Narrator moves in with Tyler. With the establishment of a fight club under Tyler's leadership, young men will start fighting each other in this club, provided that their number does not exceed fifty. The club becomes popular in a short time, and Tyler quickly becomes the messiah of this dead generation. The situation has started to become impossible as the day goes on. Tyler and the Narrator's reactions to events begin to draw parallels. The club they have founded, on the other hand, acquires the property of being a meeting point for those who feel insignificant and excluded in the capital world, and the number and depth of its members increase day by day. While these events are happening, the narrator becomes aware of an Apocalyptic Project that Tyler intentionally did not inform him about and is shocked by Tyler leaving him alone. He goes to many world cities to find him and sees how much the club has developed in every city he goes to and has spread to those cities as well. The Narrator, who wants to put an end to this progress, which can no longer be controlled, takes action and tells the police about the Doomsday Project. The Doomsday Project is based on blowing up the headquarters of major banks, deleting all accounts and allowing people to start a new life without debt.